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The Most Convenient Oral Surgeons in South Jersey

Finding the right team of dental specialist is essential to your comfort and health. The slightest discomfort can impede your day to day life, and if left untreated, can become much more serious. Dental corrections and maintenance methods are too important to let go by the wayside, but also looked at as a luxury amongst the standard health practices . That’s why Lanzi Burke services patients in need as the most convenient oral surgeons in South Jersey.

We provide a wide range of care for dental needs that are both minor and major. We do procedures for wisdom teeth, TMJ surgery, craniofacial implants, sleep apnea, orthoganthic surgery, and offer 3D imaging. With a team that has 60 years of experience to lend their skills to your health, you can trust in the expertise of Dr. Guy Lanzi, Dr. Elizabeth Wagner, andĀ  Dr. Elizabeth Burke.

With locations in Washington Township, Haddonfield, and Woolwich Township, Lanzi Burke spread reaches from Cherry Hill down to the Glassboro area and all the way over to Kingsway Regional High School. At Lanzi Burke, we use the latest and greatest for your dental preferences and needs. The Vatech digital imaging system we have gives our oral and maxillofacial practice state-of-the-art technology to help diagnose potential issues more accurately and provide treatment with unprecedented confidence. They’ve received the highest praises and mentions in New Jersey Monthly, South Jersey Magazine, and Philadelphia Magazine.

If you’re in Washington Township, Haddonfield, or Woolwich Township, contact Lanzi Burke here for more information on the most convenient oral surgeons in South Jersey.

We Are Open Again

After managing emergencies during the crisis, we are now making appointments in Haddonfield, Washington Twp, and Woolwich to treat those who have done their part and waited patiently.

We've gone well beyond all regulations and guidelines to protect our patients and our staff. We utilize the latest state-of-the-art Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) to protect ourselves and our patients. This is what the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) callsĀ the highest level protection available with 99.8% filtering capability that exceeds N95 masks. We also have hospital-grade air recirculation units that eliminate the aerosol so many fear in the surgical suite.


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