Collingswood Oral Surgeons

Collingswood Oral SurgeonsIf you’re suffering from missing teeth, facial irregularities or wisdom tooth problems, and are seeking Collingswood oral surgeons, Lanzi Burke is your preferred choice. Lanzi Burke Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons serve residents of Collingswood from our convenient Haddonfield office. We use the most advanced technology and latest techniques to help you smile confidently and eat the foods you love again.

Our board-certified physicians specialize in several practices for Collingswood residents, including:

Dental Implants. We can replace one or more of your missing teeth with quality implants that both look and feel just like actual teeth. With a stable foundation securing the teeth in place, our implants make for an ideal, natural-looking replacement. Our implants are safely placed with titanium screws that effectively heal with bone tissue.

Jaw and Facial Surgeries. If you’re struggling with a facial irregularity from a birth defect or an accident, our surgeons can reshape your jaw and improve both your bite and appearance. A corrective surgery can help you improve speech problems, chew food more easily, and relieve sleep apnea and other symptoms of jaw irregularities.

Wisdom Tooth Removal. It’s natural to be concerned about the potential pain of having wisdom teeth removed. However, if wisdom teeth take up abnormal space, they can cause crowding, cysts and gum disease. Our physicians have removed wisdom teeth for hundreds of patients, and we’re able to extract teeth with as little discomfort as possible.

Lanzi Burke performs additional treatments too, such as TMJ surgery, sleep apnea treatments, and facial implants among other services. We accept most all major insurances, including Medicare.

When you need Collingswood oral surgeons that can correct dental, jaw or facial problems, contact our Haddonfield office today to make an appointment. We’ve helped hundreds of people like you restore their smile and confidence again, and we can do it for you too!

We Are Open Again

After managing emergencies during the crisis, we are now making appointments in Haddonfield, Washington Twp, and Woolwich to treat those who have done their part and waited patiently.

We've gone well beyond all regulations and guidelines to protect our patients and our staff. We utilize the latest state-of-the-art Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) to protect ourselves and our patients. This is what the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls the highest level protection available with 99.8% filtering capability that exceeds N95 masks. We also have hospital-grade air recirculation units that eliminate the aerosol so many fear in the surgical suite.


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