Haddon Township Oral Surgeons

Haddon Township Oral SurgeonsLanzi Burke is your experienced and capable destination for Haddon Township oral surgeons. Our Haddonfield office is just a few minutes away, and our surgeons perform a variety of procedures, including dental implants, wisdom tooth extraction, TMJ surgery, craniofacial implants, and more. Our oral surgeons are board certified with over 60 years of combined experience, and we have successfully treated many patients with oral and facial conditions just like yours.

When you are daily struggling with an oral condition, especially missing one or more teeth or a misaligned jaw, it affects your life enormously. Confidently showing your smile may be very difficult, and simple chewing, eating or sleeping can be a struggle. In addition, conditions like sleep apnea or crowded wisdom teeth can result in greater health risks, including high blood pressure and oral infections.

Let the professionals at Lanzi Burke handle the diagnosis of your oral or facial condition, and provide the effective correctional treatment. Our office features the latest diagnostic technology, including 3D imaging and Intraoral scanners. Our surgeons can effectively pinpoint the details of your condition, and we can easily share this information with your doctor to help decide on the best possible treatment.

When you set up your initial appointment with us, we’ll go over your medical history, gather important information from past X-rays or test results, and we will thoroughly examine your condition. Once we’ve diagnosed your troubles, we’ll go over your surgical treatment options and make a recommendation. At Lanzi Burke, we accept all major insurances including Medicare, and we can help you reduce the usage of whatever limited dental coverage you may have.

Don’t let your oral and facial condition take over your lifestyle. Call the Haddon Township oral surgeons at Lanzi Burke today or click here to request an appointment. We can help you restore your confident smile again.

We Are Open Again

After managing emergencies during the crisis, we are now making appointments in Haddonfield, Washington Twp, and Woolwich to treat those who have done their part and waited patiently.

We've gone well beyond all regulations and guidelines to protect our patients and our staff. We utilize the latest state-of-the-art Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) to protect ourselves and our patients. This is what the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls the highest level protection available with 99.8% filtering capability that exceeds N95 masks. We also have hospital-grade air recirculation units that eliminate the aerosol so many fear in the surgical suite.


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